Up, up, and away.

That's what is happening in Alvarado as the sales tax revenue records a double-digit increase yet again. According to numbers for February released in a report by state comptroller, Susan Combs, Alvarado's sales tax revenue has seen an increase of 24 percent compared to February of 2012.

The city received a check for $130,341, increasing last February's payment of $104,952 by 24.19 percent.

So far, payments for the 2013 year made to Alvarado from sales tax revenue have increased by 42.66 percent compared to this point in time in 2012. That's a pretty significant increase for the year that should make Alvarado businesses smile.

Alvarado is one of three cities in Johnson county to see a double-digit increase in sales tax revenue. The other two cities include Briaroaks, up 32.36 percent, and Grandview, up 29.41 percent.

Keene and Rio Vista also saw increases of 10 percent and 3 percent, consecutively.

For February of 2013, other Johnson County cities saw a decrease in revenue compared to February of last year, to include: Burleson, down 5.84 percent (revenue of $1,495,509 compared to $1,588,375), Cleburne, down 11.1 percent (revenue of $762,462 compared to $857,716), and Joshua, down 19 percent (revenue of $108,614 compared to $134,131).

The county as a whole has seen a decrease in revenue of 6.27 percent, contrasted with the month's revenue in 2012.